Pauline Galiana


I practice in a multi-disciplinary manner across diverse media and social inputs and focus on actively engaging the viewer in a visual conversation. The concept of poetic narration through visual media runs through my work, as does my reflection on the sources of, and how one recycles, creative energy. I use literal leftovers from different stages of my own work -- ideas, forms, emotions or material. Color drives my instinctive state of mind: hue, shade, tone, pigment, stain, wash, all bring vividness and an inspirational excitement.

Shredded series:

Collected with the precision of a forensic scientist and with the patience of a librarian, paper strips emerge from my discarded and shredded personal documents, notes and paper artwork. Refusing to obey the old authority, they reinvent their own pattern, narrative and order out of the refuse's chaos. I redistribute fragments of discarded content on a rigorous grid which then melts into a continuous and natural stream, such as the flow of the eye restlessly looking, scanning, reading through today’s visual profusion and yesterday’s news.