Robert Strati


My prints are explorations of the power of point, line and plane. They are inspired by diagrammatic representations (i.e. musical notation, architectural schematics and mappings).

Diagrammatic representations use simple sets of visual elements to convey highly complex realities. Depending on the arrangement of the elements, dramatically different realities can be conveyed. The same elements can be used to represent music, architecture, engineering, astrophysics and even the written word.

In the end, my work is an exploration of the reality beyond the reality we can perceive. Like a flag in the wind, the air is invisible to the human eye, but the flag allows us to perceive what we cannot see. The ways we represent invisible reality and how it can be revealed to us in everyday life inspires my work.

This is reflected in my work by using materials such as packing tape, wire and balloons. These constructions incorporate subtle or invisible elements of nature, such as helium, air, transparency, shadow and light. Through a unique kind of playful engagement with the viewer, my work activates a way of seeing that takes them a gentle step beyond the veil of our everyday reality.